For Writers On The Road

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For Conscious Writers, Entrepreneurs, Authorpreneur and Digital Nomads who publish their Book from all over the World!

Imagine this:

  • You are free AND independent
  • You work in your own creative flow
  • You give an internationally growing readership the courage to grow
  • You are location independent
  • You do what you love, and publish successfully your eBook & Print Edition

You love writing, traveling and publishing?

digital authors

»Digital Authors« makes your author's dreams come true!

How will Digital Authors support you?

  • Your book on all online channels and at international bookselling stores
  • Writing motivation and divine empoweringto make your book available in a few months, with a very solid Methodto overcome writer's blocks easily . .
  • Connect with other Conscious Authors
  • Professional support for book marketing
  • Use international self publishing to your advantage
  • Define and connect with your ideal Readership .
  • Never write alone , get mutual support in all book projects
  • Clarify legal issues - which must be included in the imprint- can I publish in my country if I do not have residence there? Do I need a TIN to publish on Amazon KDP? What kind of bank account and address do I need to publish on the European market? And more.

  • Clarity to the structure, as a book is divided into; chapters, the storytelling, hero's journey, narration, leitmotif, an amazing title and much more.
  • Research tips, sort and categorize topics, evaluate and use information, critical source examination and much more.
  • Support with layout,fonts, cover, formats,editing, proofreading, author profiles,and Blurbs.
  • Hardcover, paperback and eBook Edition
  • Answers to ISBN, copyright,pricing your book etc.
  • Best positioning on genre, book categories, keywords
  • Marketing strategies utilize editorial plans, choose appropriate seeding, CMS, etc.
  • Exclusive membership
  • Joint campaigns, Workshops, Meeting and Events
  • Monthly newsletter .

Digital Authors are not for you:

  • If you are not interested in consciousness
  • Publish exclusively and only through Amazon KDP
  • Don't like to write or are looking for a ghost writer

  • You are not interested in the international self-publishing market
  • Don't feel like making a difference

What does the support look like?

digital authors

Exclusive support for your Book Project

1:1 Coaching

Author Consulting

Publishing Strategy

Book Marketing

Discover Your Book Within! Successful Self-Publishing For Conscious Authors

  • Step-by-Step Instruction - how to structure a Book in a few weeks and how to write it with your expertise
  • Proven method against writer's block
  • Instruction of how: the Style of Writing can be found
  • Authenticity check-up
  • We define your readers (proven techniques, checklists, market research analysis. )
  • Research protocols & information check
  • Search and Investigation tools
  • support your eBook for all eReaders

  • Set your formats (Hardcover & Softcover)
  • Imprint templates
  • Professional Layout (fonts, font size, paragraphs, formatting, etc.)
  • Extensive overviews about self publisher platforms
  • Detailed print cost and margin comparisons
  • Different publishing strategies
  • Your professional cover, author profiles, online presence, blurb , sales text etc.
  • Countless support, exercises, instructions and overviews for your optimal positioning and publication

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Joseph Pulitzer . »Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.«

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