Hero's Journey Coaching

Writing and publishing a book doesn’t just make you an author; it also opens many doors of opportunity and strengthens your expertise. Additionally, it reaches thousands of readers who may not yet have access to your services. Utilizing the 12 Steps Hero’s Journey from Joseph Campbell as a framework for your book’s success is a powerful approach. It enables you to create compelling chapters and craft a truly transformative book that changes the lives of your readers forever!

Join Digital Authors as we guide you on your Hero’s Journey of becoming an author. We offer coaching for your successful writing journey, Books, and a Free Online Course! Let us assist you in unleashing the full potential in a 1:1 Coaching or at our Yoga & Writers Retreat in Costa Rica January 2024.

Market Analysis

Digital Authors is the first self-publishing company that provides in-depth market analysis to uncover valuable insights on your readers, best-selling rankings, keywords, categories, titles, possibilities in Kindle Direct Publishing, and revenue potential in your genre. Our experienced market analysts conduct research on your target audience, genre, and competition to provide valuable insights. Your book description is tailored with strategic keywords for enhanced discoverability. The cover and layout analysis ensures your book stands out and aligns with industry standards. We also help you define your ideal reader avatar through in-depth research. Whether you’re a first-time author or an established writer, our services give you a competitive edge in the publishing landscape. Trust us to provide the insights and strategies for your book’s success.

International Book Self Publishing

With our international book release service, we provide comprehensive support for authors worldwide. Our services include ISBN registration, blurb creation, SEO description text, author biography, professional photo editing, paperback for print-on-demand books, eBook uploads, author profile creation, and international book launch assistance for self-publishing. Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your book gets the attention it deserves. We handle the technical aspects of book publishing, optimize your book’s marketing materials, and help you connect with readers globally beyond Barnes & Noble and Amazon. With our expertise and personalized approach, you can focus on your writing while we take care of the rest.

Book Design and Layout

We offer professional front and back cover design for your paperback, softcover, KDP hardcover, including the spine, as well as front cover design for your ebook. Our experienced designers create visually captivating covers that are tailored to your book’s genre and target audience, grabbing readers’ attention from the first glance. We understand the importance of a compelling book cover in today’s competitive publishing landscape, and we ensure that your cover stands out and represents your book in the best possible light. In addition to cover design, we also provide professional interior layout with customized design elements that enhance the reading experience and align with your book’s genre.

Audio Book Production and Distribution

At our Audiobook Production service, we take pride in creating high-quality audiobooks that captivate listeners. Our team of professional narrators, with a wide pool of talented individuals, ensures the highest sound quality for your audiobook. We also offer support for self-narration, providing free guidance on setup, settings, and gear to help you create a stellar audiobook from the comfort of your own recording space. What sets us apart is our own distribution network, which ensures that rights holders receive higher royalties compared to other platforms like Audible books. With our individual pricing, which depends on the length of your book, you can trust us to help you produce a top-notch audiobook that meets industry standards and resonates with your audience. Schedule a free call to discuss the details.

Our Team

- CEO & Founder

Wiebke Tasch

Wiebke Tasch has loved writing since she could hold a pen in her hand. She worked for a Swiss newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina before starting her Master’s Degree at the Bauhaus University. Self-publishing gave her the opportunity to live a life beyond the ordinary. She hit the German best-seller list in 2018 and transitioned to full-time writing. During the pandemic, many people reached out to her asking how they could publish a book, which led her to start Digital Authors, a self-publishing company for non-fiction authors. Since then, they have helped countless authors successfully publish their books and experience an amazing author journey that changes their lives forever!

- Self-publishing Manager

Markus Schneider

Markus Schneider, our Self-publishing Manager at Digital Authors, has a deep love for books and their ability to transport him to different worlds and inspire personal growth. This passion for storytelling has led Markus to pursue a career in media, where he has gained extensive knowledge in editing, layout, graphic design, and marketing. With years of experience working for a well-established German magazine, he supports authors today in finding their online presence and true voice. Markus understands the publishing market like no one else and is the first person to turn to for expert guidance.

- Positioning Expert

Alicia Schlienz

Alicia Schlienz from Germany specializes in keyword research, competitive analysis, and category assignment. Her entry into the world of publishing occurred during her law studies, where she successfully self-published her first book. With her extensive experience in position analysis, Alicia has established herself as an absolute expert in this field, contributing to numerous publications. Today, Alicia leverages her expertise to conduct position research for publishers, and specializes in providing comprehensive position research services tailored to meet the specific requirements of European publishing houses.

- Marketing Expert

Pooja Arshanapally

Pooja Arshanapally from St. Louis, Missouri, USA, specializes in assisting authors in optimizing their book marketing efforts. She achieves this by employing social media marketing strategies and transforming content into various formats to effectively streamline the sales process. Moreover, Pooja conducts individualized one-on-one consulting sessions, offering expert guidance to authors on strategic marketing approaches and advising on the effective implementation of their book marketing endeavors. In addition, Pooja provides consulting services for publishers to enhance their online marketing initiatives in the U.S.

- Account Manager

Vjola Bezati

As our esteemed Account Manager at Digital Authors, Vjola Bezati takes meticulous care of authors who entrust her with their layout and cover design requirements. With a bachelor’s degree in finance and a deep love for the arts, Vjola brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills to her role. Vjola guides our authors through the design process, from developing covers for ebooks and paperbacks to crafting the layout for the print version and digital files. Her expertise ensures that every aspect of the design is thoughtfully considered, from visual aesthetics to formatting and presentation.

- Research Manager

Skylar Strobel

Skylar Strobel, our Research Manager at Digital Authors, holds a Bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Virginia and graduated with a Master’s degree in Research in 2018. Inspired by the limitless possibilities of writing, Skylar decided to pursue a separate career in book publishing and marketing. As a Research Manager at Digital Authors, Skylar is driven to help writers turn their dreams of becoming self-published authors into reality. With her strong background in research, Skylar is committed to providing authors with valuable insights and strategic guidance to make informed decisions about their book’s content, target audience, and marketing strategies.

- Layout Design Expert

Richard Powell

Richard Powell, our Layout Expert from Johannesburg, brings over 30 years of industry experience in typesetting and DTP (Desktop Publishing). With his wealth of knowledge and expertise, Richard creates exceptional layout designs for Digital Authors, specializing in Print and eBook Creation (Reflowable and Fixed format) using InDesign, QuarkXPress, and MS Word. His extensive experience spanning from Europe to the U.S. and Canada ensures top-notch services tailored to meet the unique needs of hundreds of authors in different regions.

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