Amazon Make-Over

Amazon Make-Over


Amazon Make-Over Plan includes:

Identifying best ranking keywords (7 keywords).
Delivering 10 categories for Amazon instead of just 3.
Incorporating SEO into the title or subtitle.
• Creating new Sales Text and including SEO to be detected by algorithms.
Providing insights on competitor score.
Offering niche placements (if available in your genre).
Developing a pricing strategy based on our competitor database.

• Designed for both published and unpublished authors: For published authors who want to find out why their books are not selling (yet), please see here. For unpublished authors who want the best start with an optimized Amazon setup, please see here.


The Amazon Make-Over is the perfect choice for writers who want:

• Visibility: Many authors struggle with making their books stand out in the crowded marketplace. Our Amazon Makeover enhances your book’s visibility through strategic positioning, effective keyword optimization, and targeted category placement.
• Sales and Revenue: Authors may face disappointment with low sales and revenue figures. We analyze your book’s performance data, implement pricing strategies, and optimize content to increase sales, ensuring you unlock the full earning potential.
• Keyword and Category Optimization: Authors may find it challenging to identify the right keywords and categories for optimal discoverability. Our service provides a thorough analysis of keywords and categories, helping you choose the most effective ones for your book’s success.