Market Analysis & Marketing Plan

Market Analysis & Marketing Plan


Market Analysis & Marketing Plan includes:

• Profound understanding of your target readers, including the creation of a “Persona” and an understanding of their “Milieu” using a German market analysis method.
• Thorough examination of top-selling rankings, including monthly revenue for both ebook and paperback competitors.
• Precise keyword selection with search volume and competition analysis.
• Cover Design analysis in your genre, including fonts, colors, and composition
• Comprehensive analysis of competitors, including their categorization and reader reviews.
• Efficient categorization.
• Engaging SEO descriptions.
• Thoughtfully crafted pricing strategy.
• Enhancing your book’s position in the market.
• Customized marketing strategy using social media, podcast guesting, book awards contest, bookstore marketing, and/or pitching at local events, depending on the target group and the personal preference of the author.
• Boosting your book’s presence both online and offline.

• Designed for both published and unpublished authors: For published authors who want to find out why their books are not selling (yet), please see here. For unpublished authors who want the best start with a customized launch and marketing strategy.


The Market Analysis & Marketing Plan is the perfect choice for writers who want:

• A Comprehensive Market Analysis: Our thorough market analysis encompasses an indepth understanding of your ideal readers, meticulous examination of best-selling rankings, precise keyword selection, rigorous competitor analysis, monthly revenue assessment within your genre, effective categorization, and the creation of compelling SEO descriptions.
• Strategic Pricing: We apply a well-thought-out pricing strategy to enhance your book’s market positioning and maximize its profitability.
• Customized Marketing: We meticulously craft a marketing strategy tailored exclusively to your book, with the aim of enhancing its visibility and effectiveness in the literary world.